Life Jacket 

Life Jackets are one of our main products. They are made to international standards in different sizes and designs to suit the weight of the user and the activity he or she is involved in.

Production Range According to weight and size 

Body Weight

Baby ( below 3 years )
XL (extra-large)
15kg or below
25kg or below
35kg or below
55kg or below
75Kg or below
95kg or below
120kg or below
150kg or below

Production Range According to Activity

A1 – For FISHERMAN, Sport Fishing, Exploration, Whale Watching, Etc.

Special Features: 
      1.    Flexible Headrest
      2.    Full Buoyancy – The Buoyancy at front Is Double that of the back  
      3.    Contains the Following Accessories 
      4.    Included On Request
                    A.    Whistle 
                    B.    Mirror
                    C.    Knife
                    D.    Flash Light

B1 – Sport Jacket

The Special Feature of this jacket is that it allows the wearer more flexibility of movement, for swimming & climbing on to sport equipment like Jet – Skis, Wing surfers, Canoes Etc.

The Straps of this life jacket have a pull strength of 25kg, the buckles are made of PP Virgin Plastic & have a holding pull strength of 50kg.the release pressure of the buckle lock is 5kg.These life jackets have enough buoyancy but not extra because of the requirement of flexibility.
Kayak and Canoe Jacket

These sport activities require continuous arms movement, as such the arm holes are made bigger. Thicker buoyancy material is used to obtain necessary buoyancy. This jacket is designed to meet international standards.

This jacket is designed and made to provide extra protection to speed boat operators in case of accident. Stronger covering material and thicker buoyancy material are used with a view to obtain extra protection for the chest & back.

Are non-flexible headrest allowing head turning can be included on request. This feature gives extra protection for the neck.

Our Other Products

•    Garden Umbrellas

               We manufacture these umbrellas using three kinds of material, viz. Fiber glass, Wood and Stainless Steel.
               The Ribs of the umbrellas could be made using fiberglass, wood or stainless steel (as requested by the                       customer).The center pole also can be made using the above material.

               These umbrellas can be custom made to suit your requirement & taste with strength & colourfullness

•    Personal Umbrellas

               We provide personal umbrellas for ladies, gents & children, modified to suit their special requirements.

•    Lie lows

               For sun bathing on the beach or at the pool side.
               These can be manufactured according to your requirement to suit the environment, using wood or fiber                     glass.
               We also manufacture quilts for the above lie lows using durable and water proof material.

•    Boat Roof Covers (CANOPIES)

               We manufacture all kinds of foldable or rigid boat roofs.

•    Protective Covers from Sun & Rain

           We design, and tailor covers for all kinds of machinery equipment vehicles outboard engines, generators,                  compressors, auto mobiles, motor cycles, etc.

            Any kinds of covers can be manufactured for any given item as requested by any organization.

•    Sport Safety Equipment

             1.    Hand protective guards, knee guards, helmets, rib protection guards, etc.
             2.    Landing mattresses for High Jumping and pole-vaulting are made to suit your requirement.

•    Camping Huts

            We Manufacture Camping  equipment  :

                       1.    Moveable Huts (Cabanas)
                       2.    Quilts
                       3.    Beds, Tables & Chairs